Month: September 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Sunburns

We all know that sunburns can be quite the irritating factor when it comes to going outdoors. It is the result of skin burnt in UV radiation of the sun. It is usually characterized by the redness it leaves sometimes it can also get painful. The severity of it depends on how long one was exposed to it and also the intensity of the sun exposure. It usually occurs when the UV radiation surpasses the protective layer of the melanin in your skin.

Melanin is a very important pigment in our cells. It is the factor that determines our eye color, skin color and hair color. This is the pigment that is involved in tanning and sunburn. The lighter your skin is the less melanin you have hence why it is very important to be protected from the harmful rays of the sunlight. Especially when you are engaged in activities such as going on a boat or fishing. You need to be wearing protective clothing so that you are not exposed to sunlight and you do not get burnt. Along with that you should always make sure that you are wearing a good SPF. The thing about sunburns is that they will continue to develop even after applying sunscreen. It can even worsen in the next 48 hours after it has been exposed.

This is why it is very important to be careful. There are protective measures that you can for your whole family. You can find clothes for men, ladies fishing shirts Australia that are perfect to keep you covered up and even for kids. It is really important to be covered and avoid intensive exposure because the thing about burns is that they may seem to disappear or they can slowly convert to a tan. But the damage done can be at a cellular level. It could have caused DNA damage which can even result in skin cancer.

The thing here is that the sunlight is only responsible passively, you are accountable for the exposure. You have all the mean to prevent over exposure. You can wear covered clothing and you can wear sunscreen to minimize the effects. These efforts will help you minimize the effect of UV radiation on your skin. The garment that are designed to protect you from the sun rays are the best options to go for. Because they have the ultraviolet protection factor. This will protect you from getting burnt.Always think twice before you go into the sun. Make sure that you have done everything to avoid over exposure so that you can be a peace and enjoy your day out.